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Wow a post

Hi everyone,
Sorry haven't posted for a while but I have been busy. That's always an excuse isn't it?? We seem to have so much to do and so very little time to do it in. When I was a wee bit younger and in university I remember being taught about time management. I thought the lessons were a bit pointless as I never seemed to ifnd the time to manage my time. I remember making timetables and vowing to stick to them but something else would always come up.
We live in a world that constantly revolves and renews. Whether or not we realise it our involvement in revolving and renewing is paramount becasue even though we are small cogs in a big wheel our rconception of time and space is more imortnat than the universes. I don't mean this to sound as if we are al more important but our lives have to be in synch with the universe and the natural laws. For many of us that seems impossible at times.
I suppose that's why so many of us say I'vbe been to busy or I haven't had the time. We are not in synch with our own little cosmos's. until we are we can never live in the here and now. We can just glimpse at a more perfect, natural us as if through a pair of drawn curtains.
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