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Endings are new beginnings. Well that's what my guides and spirit helpers tell me. I seem to think a little diferently. When something bad ends in your life like a relationship or a job or whatever, we may not always see the positive things in the event. We want to know why, how, when and so on.

A lot of a mediums work deals with letting go and sometimes, even though letting go is painful we have to walk on. I met a lady who lost her baby son 10 years ago and just couldn't release anything. She was not sleeping and not functioning at all. Lost in her grief she seemed to think HER life had ended, not her sons.
I know how difficult it can be to loose anyone close, especially a child, but we have to move on with our lives. It can be so difficult to let go of feelings of guilt, did I do enough, was I there enough, was I a good parent, did I let him/her down. Ineveitably we grieve but we also have to know when the grief is over. When the sadness and loss should end. A child is always a part of you no matter what and indeed is one of the most difficult bereavements to cope with but, there is always a glimmer of hope becasue God does not take a child to teach us or them. The Source has a child returned becasue they are too special to walk on this worldly plain. WE are all special. Somne of us need to experience different things.

No words help at the time of grief but working together we were able to release the lady's son for them both to go on and live in their respective worlds.

Wittering I know but Somewhere there is a grain of sand that will grow into a mountain. That mountain can never tumble becasue it allows us to learn who we are. What our relationship is within this universe.
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