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Something horrible happened to me last Thursday and yes I know I have taken a week to write about it. As most of you know I moved about four months ago and dedcided that I would rent a small room in an opticians so that I could separate work from home.

Well, I thought everything was going really well. My clients appeared to enjoy coming to the opticians and I had space in my flat and stuff. I still did appointments at home but kept them to a minimum.

Stephanie, the practise owner, seemed genuinely pleased that I was there as I bought in trade for her and for me. Anyway, last Thursday I meandered into work and was emphatially told that I had no clients that day. Wonderful, thought I. My phone went at 4:15pm and Alison one of the receptionsists, said that I had a client who had been waiting for 15 minutes. Well I couldn't get down there then and I honestly thought I had the day off!!!

I arrived at work Friday to be handed a letter saying that the rental of the chiropodists space was now null and void due to "adverse comments". Hmmm thinks I. Immediately I began asking what adverse comments. Were these comments from clients or from people that I hadn't been able to see? Or from the staff or what? The receptionist said they had too much work and that there was a client from Pontypridd who had complained about the fact that she had to come to the flat instead of being at the opticians!! The lady from Ponty is a regular client and happens to work as a magistrate!!! So I rang her to ask her what she had said. NOTHING!!!!

Anyway, a scrap of paper was handed to me saying that I was on my way to hell and that all mediums are devil worshippers. It really upset me. I was totally and utterly dumbfounded. Never once have I received that sort of antipathy form people. The best thing was that this scrap of paper wasn't directed at me nor was it signed. Some soldier for Jesus huh?

I got terribly annoyed and extremely saddened to think that people who don't know me could accuse me of being something that I'm not and halt the rental of my room space.

I believe in embracing all religions under one monotheistic God. I know Jesus existed and I believe that he was a divine person who taught us all how to be divine and non-judgemental. Obviously the lesson when he said live and let live fell on deaf ears here!

Upset? Yes. Deflated? Yes, because it means I have to start again and although I know I'll be alright it's just upsetting. I know now that the reason my room rental was cancelled was because of this one persons maliciuosness and inability to live and let live. Some, and notice please the word some, born again Christians need to learn their bibles a little more and also need to practise what they preach. The non interference and non judgementality in another persons life.
Thanks for reading:)
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