nux_vomica (nux_vomica) wrote in welshpsychic,

good morning!

i just joined your community because i really like what you have to say. however i am also a firm believer (pun acknowledged) that 'god did not create man man created god.' so with that said, if you would prefer me not to be here, speak now or forever hold your pee.

in the meantime....i am a trained psychic, untrained trancemedium, and second degree reiki. i don't practice much, i have one person i work with regularly, and i never charge money. i do exchanges and 'charity' healings. i do househealings, etc. on my own house, lol!

i mainly work with my dreams, which are quite psychic. my strong point is precognition, through dreams and readings. however i don't choose to do that much.

blah blah. i am hoping your community won't be rife with 'teen pagans' and other folks who have to have everything explained. what i liked about your postings was that you seem to be a very open-minded person, and to have a good grasp of acceptance, etc.
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