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Our Mistakes

A young girl telephoned me today distraught becasue she had received a message from her friends little boy who had been run over at the age of twelve. He told her that he had been unhappy. I asked if he was around her now and she said no and I went on to describe a happy, healthy, active young man whoose mum was called J and who should have beeen with the young girl at that moment in time. She said his mum was there and she had told the mum of her child's distress.

I said that it was ok. Although she shouldn't have told the mother about his distress it was done now and it couldn't be undopne. I talked to J for a while relieved her fears and told the young girl to think before she spoke in future. By the way, J's young boy is happy and very much ok now. He was just missing his earthly life.

Anyway I thought about mistakes and wrote this:-

If you have made mistakes. . there is always another
chance for you. . . you may have a fresh start any moment
you choose, for this thing we call "failure" is not the
falling down, but the staying down.

I suppose it's a nother way of saying live in the now. Not yesterday but now.

A rather rambling post from me but someone somewhere has been touched.
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