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Someone sent this to me today and I thought I would share it with you all. What a tragedy. I feel for all the families who have lost loved ones and I feel especially for the innocent people on board those flights of horror. Spare a thought for all those involved with the emergency services who are heroes in their own rights and shouldn't be forgotten for they are doing fantastic work. God Bless you all in America

One tear of sorrow, two tears of joy

For the terrible acts you've executed
and the death and destruction left behind
for the hearts and homes you've torn open
and the atrocities against humankind
for all the devastation you've inflicted
and the fear you've instilled for tomorrow
I feel my heart sink in despair
as I shed one tear of sorrow

Like it or not we are brothers
believe it or not we are friends
I am looking to find a way together
we can bring this fighting to an end

Your acts have bound us together
as you have strengthened America's resolve
nations of the world have united
as all corners of the globe get involved
you have shown us we live among heroes
you've inspired what you seek to destroy
your efforts have missed your intention
for that I shed two tears of joy

Jeff Nemcher
Copyright 2001 Jeff Nemcher
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