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a Prophecy from spirit about "the winter" and the "spring"!

well hi again.
here is a prophecy dream that i had last week....

the prophecy

well well well.......a very interesting, if small, dream last night!

Seems that I had a long talk with a lady, and this dream had the definite feel of a Spirit place dream!
I sat in a room, talking to this lady, we talked about two things.

One: that the coming winter will be mild! she said that. she says it as if SHE KNEW! yes, as this was a Spirit dream, she did know!
[I am always interested in weather. I have felt that this here winter, in North America, would be very very severe. already, on the 8th of december, Baltimore had a low of 5 degrees!
But the New England people DO have a saying: "if a pond's ice can hold a man before xmas, it will not hold a mouse after"!
already winter is in full swing!]
so, as winter seems to be Here, in the eastern usa, she may be telling me otherwise, that the "real" winter will be mild! that, as "winter" is offically two weeks away, winter itself might be milder than things look now!

TWO: the second thing that she tells me that is to come is this....
That in the spring, people will be very very upset and agitated: there will be many many Demonstrations, maybe even riots!
she seemed to infer that the [?] american people will be very upset about something, or upset about their quality of life, after about the end of march; and thus before the middle of June! she did not say what this anger and agitation was about.
---end of dream. A talk with a Spirit guidelady who foresees the future.....


ya know...
I have now signed up for 18 communities, large enough number indeed!
I signed up for the rest of them just now, maybe about nine more since this morning:
trouble is.....I have no way to recall *what* communities, of the nine, that i gave out my "introduction" to!! So i really have to do it AGAIN, for the "new" signed up communities!
so please forgive me if my intro is a repeat....i put it at the end of the prophecy post: just IGNORE IT if it is a "repeat"!!

well i say "HI" to all the Communities that i have joined: i spent a bit of time finding some, after just having the journal for a while, a month or so.

I cannot seem to find the way to add a title to my own journal, but it might be called two titles!
---Living in the world after having over 100 OBEs, over the years...and i mean MANY!! one last night.
these obes, out of body experiences, are always where i go to visit, or taken to, spirit worlds! afterlife places. I have even talked to many of my relatives there in heaven!
How do i live in the world after all of that??!!
---one of these visions, where i see an India Master guru, and he reads my life-records, records that were in the Spirit, BEFORE I WAS BORN, tells to me, this Guru did, that i have one year to live! [same master in all probability, told my mother ..."ten years, red sports car at dusk in your lane". Appointment was kept, right down to car color, as it came into her lane at 120 mph!]
since this vision was on may 13th of 2002, there is less than six months to go!!! maybe more if that "one year" is really "one year and, say three months"!
or...maybe an EXTENSION, via Grace!
So *that* will also set the tone for my journal!!

Bio:I am 61 years of age, a single man. live in tallahassee, florida.

In my Journal, I write with *this* Prophecy in mind! as of Nov 14th, the creation date of this here Journal, i have six months left...maybe a few months more! The Hawk is a circling over the Rooster, alone, in the Field! This here Rooster
warily eyes this Hawk!!

so i will post collectively from time to time....

"my life after near death experiences"


where some of my DreamVisions can be read, please go read them if you want to!

see ya in Heaven soon!!
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