freestone wilson (freestone) wrote in welshpsychic,
freestone wilson

60 bottles of different kinds of pills!


---a next door aquaintance just came back to tallahassee from visiting his Mother, in St Luis, missouri. had not been there for two years. She is old. her health had gone down a lot in the two years and down a lot in just the last six months: that's why that visit.
while at the house, he opened the medicine cabinet door, over the bathroom sink, to shave one morning....and found to his SURPRISE about 60 bottles of medicine!
60 different KINDS of prescription drugs!
ooouch! wiiinch!

"--all Interacting with each other no doubt"...he thought!!
He was shocked that she took nearly all of them, in a week's time.

I thought about this, folks.....
I will have to tell him, when i see him the next time, that there is ANOTHER side of the situation!
....there is *always* another side of any situation, i find: that is what makes the difference between Pain and happiness, where *you* have to choose which side is the REAL side, of any situation!....

pills?, say, 1910, or even1961, she might be DEAD, if she did not have the pills. worse: she might be in *such* pain and sufferings, that life would be all of that and little else!
Too...these 60 kinds of pills could actually be what is keeping her from living in an "end-state" Nursing Home! now, with the "crutches" of these pills, she can live yet for awhile an independent life of her own and actually enjoy life. walk
she could forgive one of her sons and learn to Love him.
she could grow her soul a bit more.
she could Accept death and Accept life, in her Life's
end's Reflections.....
....all due to 60 pills in a medicine cabinet!
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