Laura (missheavensent) wrote in welshpsychic,

I'm looking for some psychic advice. I visited a psychic a month ago, but I'm not sure if I believe what she has said. I believe I have a very small psychic instinct myself, and what I have seen wasn't exactly what she said. It was at a un-professional place, and her prices were pretty high. Under the cut, I have listed some questions I would like answered, if possible. Please don't answer these questions unless you're positive. They're things I really need answered. Answer as many as possible.

Future Children?
Am I able to concieve children? If yes, How many children will I have? Boys? Girls? Both? Which first? How many years apart? How old will I be when I have the first? Will they be healthy and happy?

Current Relationship?
Am I going to marry the man I am dating now? If yes, when will he propose? When will we get married? Where will we live? If no, what is the cause of the break up? Will we remain friends?

Future Relationship?
If I am not with the guy I am going to marry, where is the guy I am going to marry now? Do I know him? Have I met him? When and where will I meet him? First initial of his name? When will he propose? When well we be married?

My Life?
Will I ever get my drivers license? If yes, when? What is my career calling? Where will I goto school for this career? Will I be healthy? Am I healthy now? Do I have psychic abilities that I need to practice more? (I do feel I have them, but they're fairly weak)

Will my maternal grandparents be around to see me get married? Will I run into any health problems with family? Will my siblings all be married, and start a family?

Any help would be greatly apprechiated! Thank you.
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